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    Car Dent Removal Tool Set

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    Auto Body Repair Suction Cup Tool is a heavy pneumatic sag repair pull hammer for repairing a large area of a dent in a car. An essential tool for pulling out dents from vehicles. Strong repairing ability of pneumatic sag. Can firmly stick to any clean non-porous flat surface, an ideal tool for lifting and moving glass, sheet metal, granite, furniture, home appliances and so on. Save handling time and labor. Can help you repair your cars by yourself many times.

    A super-strong vacuum created by pneumatic control, easy to pull most dents out of panels without damaging paint. No drilling, welding or sanding required! It is durable for years of use, making it easy to pull dents out of panels. Repair a large area of a dent in a car. Efficient action on automobile, refrigerator, washing machine and other metal surface dents. It is a super-strong vacuum created by pneumatic control. 


    • Pull Out Deep & Big Dents Easily - Its air Pressure reaches 90 PSI, and the professional air dent puller produces much stronger power than an adhesion one. aims at severe dents instead of small pits.

    • Protective Pad - Paintless dent repair kit pulls dents out without harming the original paint which gives the panel a higher and longer protection with its special coating.

    • Wide Application - It’s not only for car dent removal, but also can be used in the refrigerator, motorcycle body, washing machine and hail damage.

    • Energy and Time Saving - Compared with the auto body shops, the pneumatic dent puller we offer will save a lot of money for you. Our paintless dent removal tools kit can help you repair your cars by yourself many times.

    • Quality Material - Pneumatic slide hammer dent puller is made of galvanized steel materials, more tough is not easy to break,it has strong corrosion and oxidation resistance.

    • Easy to Use - Connect the air supply to generate great vacuum power for pulling out the dents. Stronger strength makes the job easy for you.


    1. Choose an appropriate size gasket for the dented part.
    2. Apply hot glue on the gasket and stick it to the dented part. Apply it quick before the hot glue hardens. 
    3. Attach the puller to the gasket and start pulling until the dent is removed. 
    4. Apply alcohol to the repaired part and remove the hardened glue. 

    Package Include

    • Power Suction Cup Tool Pack
      • 12* Suction Tips
    • Full Repair Set
      • 1* Dent Remover Tool
      • 12* Suction Tips
    • Upgraded Repair Set
      • 1* Dent Remover Tool
      • 12* Suction Tips
      • 1* Hot Glue Gun
      • 1* Hot Glue Rod

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