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    Universal Phone Lanyard Anti-Dropping Neckstrap

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    Never Lose Your Phone Again

    A misplaced or dropped cell phone presents all kinds of problems. It’s likely your only line out into the world and the main one that connects you through social media, email, and actual phone calls. What’s more, your cell is likely to house private information, such as data, pictures, and contacts, while often cell phone cases are used to hold ID, credit cards, or money.

    That’s why keeping your phone tethered to you can be vital. Here’s our Universal Phone Lanyard Anti-Dropping Neckstrap that will surely help you to not drop or lose your mobile phones. It does not only provides safety and peace of mind, but also ease of access. 

    It allows you to quickly grab your phone when you need to take a picture of an indelible moment or respond to someone contacting you. It is very useful at large events, when exploring nature or even with your daily activities, providing both convenient access and some protection against the elements and potential loss or theft. 


    • Compatible To All Phones:
      Universally designed to work with all shapes and sizes of mobile phones.

    • Secure Your Phone:
      Anti-drop and anti-lost lanyard that keeps your phone secure and visible in your 

    • Made of A High Quality Materials:
      High-quality material, made of smooth skin-friendly burlap fabric. It features a two-color imprint, a rust-proof metal crimp, and two attachment points.

    • Simply Stylish:
      Fashionable and practical. Express your creativity and design your own phone case! The phone case is a space where you have the freedom to create. Simply avail the 45 pcs sticker set and decorate according to your style.

    • Detachable Adjustable Strap:
      This versatile crossbody phone lanyard has three ways to wear, cross body lanyard strap only, shoulder strap only and normal neck strap. 

    • No Adhesives Required:
      Ultra-thin phone patch fits between case and phone, give you a convenient way to hold your phone

     Decoration Stickers:

    • Express your creativity and design your own phone case!
    • Simply avail the 45 pcs sticker set and decorate according to your style!


    • Materials:
      Reusable PVC pad and Quick release buckle

    • Colors:
      Blue & White, Yellow & Grey, Red & Yellow, Red & white and Green & White

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Universal Phone Lanyard (Not include phone case)
    • 1 x 45PCS Sticker Set


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